About Us

Struggling? Stuck? Suffering? In crisis? I’m your gal. No, I’m not sadistic – I love fostering resilience and hope in people. Let me guide you forward - in your personal or professional life - and leave your struggles behind.

Jennie is a Relationship Expert and Emotional Intelligence Consultant.  She believes that there is immense power in self-awareness – our success depends on it. For over 25 years as a therapist and consultant, Jennie has been helping people gain insight to their emotional landscape, and how to navigate the peaks and valleys effectively.

Jennie is passionate about fostering healthy relationships with others and with ourselves in order to get out there in the world and create change. She teaches the necessary skills for resilience and confidence through her private practice, consulting, speaking, and online resources.

Here’s the serious lowdown:

Jennie is a Toronto based Clinical Social Worker and Emotional Intelligence Consultant. With over two decades of experience, she works with people who have grappled with a range of complex challenges. She specializes in teaching people how to develop insight and self-awareness to improve all aspects of their lives.  

Her experience includes hospital based therapy which she practiced in Ireland and the UK from 1999—2002.  She provided 1:1 and family counselling for patients in oncology, surgery, ICU, emergency and pediatrics. Upon returning to Canada in 2003, Jennie established a successful private practice in the Toronto and began attracting other entrepreneurs wanting to achieve greater success. She is a sought after speaker for her practical, relatable approach and ability to motivate.

Jennie has her Masters of Social Worker (M.S.W) degree from McGill University, an Honors B.A. in Psychology Co-op from the University of Waterloo, and is certified through the Relational Life Institute.

Get in touch for therapy, online courses, or speaking requests here:  jennie@jennieormson.com